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"#They cried unto them, Depart ye; it is unclean; depart, depart, touch not: when they fled away and wandered, they said among the heathen, They shall no more sojourn there. Lamentations 4:15
The Hebrew word for sojourn is Guwr; meaning to turn aside…"
"#They have wandered as blind men in the streets, they have polluted themselves with blood, so that men could not touch their garments. Lamentations 4:14
The Hebrew word for wandered is Nua; meaning to quiver, wave, waver, tremble, and totter. To go…"
"#For the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, that have shed the blood of the just in the midst of her. Lamentations 4:13
The Hebrew word for priests is Kohen; meaning ruler, principal officer. Active participle of Kahan;…"
"#The kings of the earth and all the inhabitants of the world, would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy should have entered into the gates of Jerusalem. Lamentations 4:12
Happy Juneteenth! Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem as…"
"#The LORD hath accomplished His fury; He hath poured out His fierce anger, and hath kindled a fire in Zion, and it hath devoured the foundations thereof. Lamentations 4:11
The Hebrew word for foundations is Yesod; meaning base. from Yacad; a…"
"#The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people. Lamentations 4:10
The Hebrew word for sodden is Bashal; meaning to boil, seethe, or grow ripe. cooking. figuratively to…"
"#They that be slain with the sword are better than they that be slain with hunger: for these pine away stricken through for want of the fruits of the field. Lamentations 4:9
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and know that our Heavenly…"
"#Their visage is blacker than a coal: they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones: it is withered, it is become like a stick. Lamentations 4:8
The Hebrew word for blacker is Chashak; meaning to be or grow dark. A primitive…"
"#Her Nazarites were purer than snow, whiter than milk, more ruddy in body than rubies, and their polishing was of sapphire. Lamentations 4:7
The Hebrew word for Nazarite is Nazir; meaning one consecrated and devoted. separated for God. From Nazar;…"
"#For the punishment of the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment, and no hands stayed on her. Lamentations 4:6 
The Hebrew word for punishment is Avon meaning…"
"#They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets: they that were brought scarlet embrace dunghills. Lamentations 4:5
The Hebrew word for scarlet is Tola; meaning the crimson-grub, of the color, from its cloths dyed in addition to that.…"
"#The tongue of the sucking child cleaveth to the roof of his mouth for thirst: the young children ask for bread and no man breaketh it to him. Lamentations 4:4
The Hebrew word for roof is Chek; meaning palate, gums, roof of the mouth. From Chanak;…"
"#Even the sea monsters draw out the breast, they give suck to their young ones: the daughter of my people is become cruel, like the ostriches in the wilderness. 
The Hebrew word for ostriches is Jaen: forgets that the foot may crush them, or that…"
"#The precious sons of Zion, comparable to fine gold, how are they esteemed as earthen pitchers, the work of the hands of the potter! Lamentations 4:2
The Hebrew word for the potter is Yatsar; to mold into a form, to determine. It is probably…"
"#How has the gold become dim? How is the most fine gold changed? the stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the tops of every street. Lamentations 4:1
The Hebrew word for sanctuary is Qodesh; meaning a sacred place. From Qadash; a sacred place or…"
"#Persecute and destroy them in anger from under the heavens of the LORD. Lamentations 3:65
The Hebrew word for anger is Anaph; the turning of the nostril in wrath. Jehovah God is angry with the wicked every day and He will vindicate His children in…"